Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rasta Style

My first piece, commissioned to me by a good friend, was a simple and plain little table. It was my job to give it a fresh new look and I had the creative freedom to do so. It's a bit scary to do something for someone else - what if they don't like it?? Anyway you can only get better with practice and if you have friends who trust you with your designs then why not??

I couldn't go past giving it a reggae feel as we both love that reggae culture together with a Latin flavour, we are Latino's after all and proud of it. I painted the table chocolate brown, that way maybe the design could pop out a bit more

I began with a design, funnily enough my friends surname in English translates to "Kings" which I thought was extremely appropriate for this design. I wanted to add gold foil to give it a regal feel and just add more depth to the design in general. I think it did the job.

The more I worked on this piece the less perfect I wanted it to look, I wanted it to have a worn out rustic feel so once the design was all done and completed I sanded it back to accomplish that.

In order to give the table and design a vibrancy I added a varnish to finish it all off as well as to protect the table. I was pretty happy with the finished result. For my first piece I don't think it was too bad

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